dino dimuro

the simple chance of life

1995 cd usa dimurotapes dmt 520 - private release

dino dimuro
terry rodman: drums 2,3,11
jay richardson: woodwinds 2,4
julie dimuro: angstscream 2
dan fioretti: computer voice 2
kye fowler: vocal 6
chris assells: guitar solo 7
eric scott: syndrum 9
carvel: vocal 10
alan rankin 12,15

produced by dino dumoro & judson leach

  1. the simple chance of life
  2. each banana split picks up a pretty flower
  3. the daughters of howard's deli
  4. polar bear club
  5. uncle louie
  6. the wind takes off your clothes for me
  7. friends who never call again
  8. enjoying the stout at fat ed's eatery
  9. that's how i feel
  10. ol' man river (hammerstein, kern)
  11. old bald men trying to start a rock band
  12. al's sadomasochistic fantasy solo III
  13. anal pre-written solo
  14. oldest balding man solo
  15. conclusion & rave-up