dino dimuro

train going nowhere

2000 cdr usa private release

  dino dimuro: guitar, bass, vocals
  terry rodman: drums, percussion
  tony lamerti: digital drums
  alan rankin: lead and crunch guitar  2,5
  chris assells: lead guitar  3,11
  mike reagan: slide guitar  3
  jay richardson: sax  3,8
  kevin fowler: vocal  3,6
  don campau: backing vocal  4
  robin o'brien: backing vocal  4
  bb russell: drone and sitar-guitar  6
  linda difranco: vocal  6
  julie dimuro: vocal  9

  1. monsters in the night
  2. train going nowhere
  3. the grid
  4. twilight games (campau, dimuro)
  5. slept thru my death
  6. pablo and tracy's acid party
  7. on the coast starlight
  8. just help youslef
  9. surrounded bylove (julie dimuro)
  10. talkin' with the wise guy
  11. heaven at half price (asselss, dimuro)