disco biscuits

the first pressing of the disco biscuits' "encephalous crime" cd, had zappa's 'pygmy twylyte' on it.  the second pressing no longer carried this track.  the disco biscuits also performed zappa's 'dinah-moe humm', 'peaches en regalia' and 'willie the pimp' in concert.

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     from: mark sadler (mark@pimphouse.com)
disco biscuits is a pennsylvania jam band styling themselves along the lines of phish.  they pretty regularly perform pygmy twylyte at their gigs.  they even released pt on a cd entitled "encephalous crime," but the cd sold out.  they then re-released the disc *without* pt on it.  maybe under pressure from the zft...?  they also freely allow taping of their live shows, so undoubtedly there are plenty of tapes of pt live.  some of the reviews liken the sound to zappa, but then again, these may be the critics who fell for the oasis-sounds-like-the- beatles line.  for more: http://www.discobiscuits.com/

     from: marc de bruyn (emdebe@village.uunet.be)
another reference to the disco biscuits: http://www.homegrownmusic.net/discobiscuits.htm
reviews of "encephalous crime": http://www.dp.upenn.edu/street/112196/sections/music/music6.html

     from: ryan davenport (sleds@home.com)
i was snooping around on http://www.discobiscuits.net/, and their setlist archives say that the disco biscuits have also played "dinah-moe humm", "peaches en regalia" and "willie the pimp" in concert.

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