mercy, pity, peace & love

2012 cd usa moonjune records mjr049

recorded in april and december 2011

alex maguire: keyboards, sequencer
michel delville: electric guitar, roland gr-09, samples
tony bianco
: drums, sequencer

produced by doubt

  1. there is a war going on  (alex maguire)

  2. jalal  (bianco, delville)

  3. no more quarrel with the devil  (michel delville)

  4. rising upon clouds  (doubt)

  5. purple haze  (jimi hendrix)

  6. the invitation  (michel delville)

  7. mercy, pity, peace & love  (doubt)

  8. there is a war going on (reprise)  (alex maguire)

  9. tears before bedtime  (alex maguire)

  10. the human abstract  (doubt)

  11. no more quarrel with the devil (reprise)  (michel delville)

  12. mercury  (bianco, maguire)

  13. goodbye my fellow soldier  (tony bianco)