– incl. ‘dog breath’,’lucille has messed my mind up’ (frank zappa)

1972 lp australia warner brothers ws 20008

produced by g.wayne thomas


side one

  1. maybe i'm amazed (p.mccartney)
  2. southern man (n.young)
  3. anyway that you want me (ch.taylor)
  4. dog breath (f.zappa)
  5. burned alive in the blues (n.gravenites)
  6. memo to turner (jagger, richards)

side two

  1. the man in me (b.dylan)
  2. how long before i'm gone (zager, schrin)
  3. ain't no sunshine (b.withers)
  4. long cool woman in a black dress (cook, greenaway, clark)
  5. mother (j.lennon)
  6. lucille has messed my mind up (f.zappa)
  7. do right woman (penn, moman)