george duke band

live in prague
    - incl. a frank zappa medley

2011 dvd czech good tree edition / marecam mc00029

this concert was recorded at the lucerna music bar in 2009 and features a 5.1 audio soundtrack

george duke: keyboards, vocals
michael manson: bass, background vocals
jef lee johnson: guitar
ronald bruner: drums
shannon pearson: vocals
andrew papastephanou: 2nd keyboards

  1. 500 miles to go

  2. sweet baby

  3. autumn leaves

  4. cravo e canela/geneva

  5. my piano

  6. frank zappa tribute (cosmik debris/inca roads/uncle remus)

  7. dukey treats medley (everyday hero/i tried to tell you/somebody laid it on us/sudan)

  8. brazilian love affair

  9. guess you're not the one

  10. a fonk tail

  11. reach for it/mothership connection/thank you (falettinme be mice elf agin)/doin' it to death medley

  12. reach out

  13. homeland