george duke

three originals
    - incl. ‘echidna's arf’,’uncle remus’ (frank zappa)

1993 2cd ger mps 519198-2

george duke: keyboards, vocals, electronic sounds, producer, moog bass
bruce fowler: trombone
daryl stuermer: guitar
sylvia saint james: vocals
airto moreira: percussion
flora purim: vocals
roger dollarhide: vocals (bckgr)
tom fowler: bass
bonnie bowden amaro: vocals
david amaro: guitar (acoustic)
napoleon murphy brock: vocals, vocals (bckgr)
leon "ndugu" chancler: conga, drums, vocals, vocals (bckgr)
rashid duke: vocals
embamba: bass
gee janzen: vocals
janet ferguson hof: vocals
alphonso johnson: bass
george johnson: guitar
byron miller: bass
emil richards: percussion, marimbas
lee ritenour: guitar
larry robinson: vocals (bckgr)
ruth underwood: percussion, gong, marimbas, vocals
johnny "guitar" watson: guitar, vocals
john wittenberg: violin
kathy woehrle: vocals
chuck norris: vocals (bckgr)

baldhard falk: producer, executive producer
christian kellersmann- reissue producer
jorg eipasch: liner notes, reissue producer

kerry mcnabb- engineer, mixing

  1. chariot (duke)
  2. look into her eyes (duke)
  3. sister serene (chancler)
  4. that's what she said (duke)
  5. mashavu (richards)
  6. rokkinrowl, i don't know (duke)
  7. prepare yourself (duke)
  8. giantchild within us-ego (duke)
  9. someday (duke)
  10. i love the blues, she heard my cry (duke)
  11. dawn (duke)
  12. for love (i come your friend) (duke)
  13. foosh (duke)
  14. floop de loop (duke)
  15. malibu (duke)
  16. fools (duke)
  17. echidna's arf (zappa)
  18. uncle remus (duke/zappa)
  19. aura (duke)
  20. don't be shy (duke/reed)
  21. seeing you (duke)
  22. back to where we never left (chancler/duke)
  23. what the... (duke)
  24. tryin' & cryin' (duke)
  25. i c'n hear that (chancler/duke/johnson/moreita)
  26. after the love (duke)
  27. tzina (duke)
  28. liberated fantasies (duke)