glen drover

- incl. 'the purple lagoon' (f.zappa), 'filthy habits' (f.zappa), 'don't let the world pass you by' (j.l.ponty), 'mirage' (j.l.ponty)

2011 cd usa magna carta ma-9108-2

recorded between march 2008 and december 2010

  glen drover: guitars
  jim gilmour: keyboards
  paul yee: bass
  chris sutherland: drums
  chris poland  1
  vinnie moore  1
  steve smyth  2
  fredrik akesson  6
  jeff loomis  7

  1. ground zero  (g.drover, j.gilmour)
  2. frozen dreams  (j.gilmour)
  3. egyptian danza  (a.dimeola)
  4. colors of infinity  (g.drover)
  5. illusions of starlight  (g.drover, p.yee)
  6. don't let the world pass you by  (j.l.ponty)
  7. mirage  (j.l.ponty)
  8. ascension  (g.drover)
  9. the purple lagoon  (f.zappa)
  10. filthy habits  (f.zappa)