jimi drouillard

zappa's songs
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2018 cd france le triton tri-18550

recorded at 'le triton', july 2018

  jimi drouillard: guitars, vocals
  thierry eliez: keyboards, vocals
  laurent vernerey: bass
  francis arnaud: drums
  franck tortiller: vibraphone, marimba
  laura drouillard: backing vocals
  remi drouillard: guitar solo  8
  felix drouillard: backing vocals  15
  satie eliez: backing vocals  15

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. camarillo brillo / peaches en regalia
  2. i have been in you
  3. dirty love
  4. sofa
  5. apostrophe / pojama people
  6. big leg emma
  7. inca roads (extrract)
  8. i'm the slime
  9. florentine pogen
  10. eat that question
  11. uncle remus  (george duke / frank zappa)
  12. you are what you is
  13. more trouble every day (intro) / son of orange county
  14. dancin' fool
  15. yo' mama
  16. camarillo roads