kim duchateau

Not only does Belgian comic book artist Kim Duchateau refer to his musical heroes in his comic book artwork, his musical outlet also shows some very obvious influences.

His comic book work is signed Kim, his musical alter ego is called Kim Kangaroo (or Kim Kang), although sometimes they get mixed up.

The picture on the right shows Kim Duchateau (left) and Bart Schoofs (right), also known as the Schoofs-Duchateau Trio.

Kim Duchateau also co-hosts a radio show at FMBrussels called "Dwalmacat"


The Kim Duchateau website:



  Kim Kangaroo


random notes

2008 04 04

Jan de Smet & Kim will be doing a show for kids!

2008 04 05 at cc De velinx in Tongeren at 15h00

Saturday, may 3 & Sunday, may 4, 2008:


at Jeugdhuis Basement
Rustoorddreef 2, 1930 Zaventem




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