eikanger-bjorsvik musikklag

best by farr vol.II
- incl. ‘dog breath variations’ (frank zappa)

1998 cd uk doyen doy cd 077

cond. and arrangements by ray farr

produced by nicholas and alison childs

  1. brassmen's holiday (m.armengol)
  2. adventures in brass (r.farr)
  3. rhapsody on norwegian folk songs (l.condon)
  4. dog breath variations (frank zappa)
  5. over the rainbow (h.arlen)
  6. on the town (l.bernstein)
  7. on with the motley (l.leoncavallo)
  8. largo al factotum (g.rossini)
  9. colonel bogey (k.alford)
  10. softly softly (b.fry)
  11. we've only just begun (w.nichols)
  12. one voice (b.manilow)
  13. finale from symphony no.1 (g.mahler)