mattias ia eklundh

freak guitar
    – incl. ‘the black page’ (frank zappa)

1999 cd sweden thunderstruck productions tsp2163992
  cd usa favored nations

mattias eklundh

the favored nations release has an extra track  (22)

  1. apparatus
  2. god - the mechanic
  3. the grey mat of compromise
  4. lisa's passion for heavy metal
  5. la bamba
  6. evil shower
  7. when sam played it again...
  8. midsummer night in hell
  9. numb
  10. (friday afternoon) in a galaxy far away
  11. the satanic moonwalk
  12. cornholed
  13. detroit rock city
  14. the territorial thing
  15. time to breathe
  16. mumbo jumbo
  17. the mud man
  18. dr pangloss goes to lisbon
  19. the black page  (frank zappa)
  20. revenge of the bambi loving terrorist
  21. squirrel