los enemigos
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info from marc de bruyn:

Film soundtrack includes a cover of "Dirty Love"

In this Spanish variation on The Full Monty, a group of men in desperate straits try to launch new careers as gigolos. Three men living in Madrid's working-class neighborhood -- street-smart Amancio (Antonio Molero), sheltered decorator Refor (Guillermo Toledo), and Felipe (Ernesto Arango), who is romantically involved with Amancio's sister Angeline (Sonia Javaga) -- have taken a stab at starting their own business that went bust, leaving them with little cash and few options. Fate adds insult to injury when Amancio's father ends up in the hospital, and Filipe's apartment is trashed by racist skinheads. When one of the men spots an ad looking for "Fulmontis," they decide to look into it, discovering that the advertiser is really looking for male escorts. Their attempts to slick themselves up and succeed as gigolos quickly prove a laughable failure, and soon the three men are entering a life of crime to pay the bills. Spanish rock band Los Enemigos provides the soundtrack.
-- Mark Deming, All Movie Guide