ton engels

a picking fool
    – incl. ‘take your clothes off when you dance’ (frank zappa)

1979 lp nl universe productions ls 35

ton engels: guitar

all arrangements by ton engels

side a

  1. the entertainer (scott joplin)
  2. peelbrand (ton engels)
  3. take your clothes off when you dance (frank zappa)
  4. love me tender (presley / matson)
  5. reindeer rag (joseph lamb)
  6. my one and only love (mellin / wood)
  7. the rosebud march (scott joplin)
  8. long way to tipperary
  9. douce ambiance (django reinhardt)

side b

  1. bronsgroen eikehout (thijssen)
  2. betje (ton engels)
  3. all the things you are (kern / hammerstein)
  4. bowery buck (t. turpin)
  5. daantje & motje (ton engels)
  6. tears (django reinhardt)
  7. swing guitar (django reinhardt)
  8. giant steps (one step missing) (john coltrane)
  9. pamela brown (tom t hall)