bruce fowler

ants can count  (2)
   - feat. walt, steve and tom fowler, chester thompson and ed mann

1990 cd usa terra nova records  tnd 9002

1990 studio recording

bruce fowler: trombone, synthesizer
walt fowler: trumpet
phil teele: bass trombone
suzette moriarty: horn
steve fowler: flute, alto sax
ed fowler: piano, bass
tom fowler: bass
billy mintz: drums
chester thompson: drums
clark woodard: drums
ed mann: percussion

produced by bruce fowler

  1. mountain mist   (b.fowler)

  2. ants can count   (b.fowler)

  3. 3 mod2=1   (b.fowler)

  4. ode to stravinsky and the american indians   (b.fowler)

  5. winter in maine   (b.fowler)

  6. one man one bone   (b.fowler)

  7. something big   (b.fowler)

  8. duet for flute and trombone   (b.fowler)

  9. duet for french horn and trombone   (b.fowler)

  10. downriver   (b.fowler)

  11. let's hope   (b.fowler)