the fall

reformation - post t.l.c.
    - incl. 'hungry freaks daddy' (frank zappa)

2007 cd-enh usa namack records

= enhanced cd, includes video

mark e. smith: vocals
eleni poulou: keyboard, vocals
rob barbato:b ass
tim presley: guitar
dave spur: bass
orpheo mccord: drums

produced by mark e. smith and tim presley

  1. over! over
  2. reformation
  3. fall sound
  4. white line fever
  5. insult song
  6. my door is never
  7. coach and horses
  8. the wright stuff
  9. scenario
  10. das boot
  11. the bad stuff
  12. systematic abuse
  13. outro

enhanced cd featuring 4 live video tracks from the 2006 north american tour