fast 'n bulbous

pork chop blue around the rind
    - all compositions by don van vliet

2005 cd usa cuneiform rune 205

gary lucas: guitar
jesse krakow: bass
richard dworkin: drums
bob henke: trumpet
phillip johnston: alto sax
joe fiedler: trombone
dave sewelson: baritone sax

all compositions by don van vliet

arranged and conducted by phillip johnston, except where noted

  1. suction prints
  2. abba zaba
  3. when i see mommy i feel like a mumy
  4. evening bell  (arr.gary lucas)
  5. pachuco cadaver
  6. when it blows its stacks
  7. a carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond (arr.jesse krakow)
  8. sugar Ďní spikes
  9. when big joan sets up
  10. daliís car
  11. veteranís day poppy
  12. kandy korn
  13. tropical hot dog night