fast 'n bulbous

waxed oop
    - all compositions by don van vliet

2009 cd usa cuneiform rune 277

recorded at east side sound, new york,
except for 'china pig': recorded live at the knitting factory

  gary lucas: guitar
  jesse krakow: bass
  richard dworkin: drums
  rob henke: trumpet
phillip johnston: alto sax
  joe fiedler: trombone
  dave sewelson: baritone sax
guest vocalist
  robyn hitchcock  13

all compositions by don van vliet

track 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11 arranged by phillip johnston
tracks 1, 8, 13 arranged by gary lucas
tracks 5, 7, 12 arranged by joe fiedler
all guitar arrangements by gary lucas

  1. sure 'nuff 'n' yes i do
  2. trust us
  3. smithsonian institute blues
  4. dropout boogie
  5. you know you're a man
  6. well
  7. ice rose
  8. click clack / ice cream for crow
  9. woe-is-uh-me-bop
  10. the blimp
  11. the past sure is tense
  12. blabber 'n' smoke
  13. china pig  (bonus track)