fattora zeta

uncle meeting
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2005 cdr italy private release / j-plane jp 070b/1

live in mestre, italy at the "uncle meeting" festival, 2005/05/27

jacopo giusi: drums, percussion
davide matteucci: soprano & alto sax
federico pistelli: tenor sax
giorgio taurasi: bass
sergio taurasi: piano, keyboard
andrea iacoponi: vocals

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. opening

  2. little umbrellas

  3. king kong

  4. a pound for a brown

  5. peaches en regalia

  6. chunga's revenge (incl. drums solo)

  7. america drinks & goes home

  8. presentation

  9. twenty small cigars

  10. big swifty

  11. holiday in berlin

  12. toads of the short forest

  13. son of mr. green genes

  14. sofa #2