fido plays zappa

atlantis and elsewhere
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2018 2cd switzerland sireena records


dave muscheidt: vocals
remy sträuli: drums, vocals
lukas burri: sax, vocals

stef strittmatter: guitar, vocals
pascal grünenfelder: bass, vocals
oliver friedli: piano
martin medimorec: vibraphone, marimba, percussion

all composions by frank zappa

disc one

    1. the idiot bastart son (intro)
    2. andy / inca roads
    3. eat that question
    4. san ber'dino
    5. sinister footwear
    6. II
    7. montana
    8. jewish princess
    9. the black page #2
    10. dupree's paradise
    11. flakes

disc two

    1. evelyn a modified dog
    2. bobby brown goes down
    3. uncle remus
    4. echidna's arf
    5. don't you ever wash that thing?
    6. cosmik debris
    7. sofa no.2
    8. dirty love / magic fingers
    9. brown shoes don't make it