fido plays zappa

too big to fail
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2011 cd switzerland private release

recorded live in spring 2010 at onedrop studio, basel

dave muscheidt: vocals
dave blaser: trumpet & flugelhorn
alex hilbe: alto & baritone sax
christof huber: trombone
ueli pletscher: tenor sax
martin medimorec: marimba, castanets
oli friedli: piano
stef strittmatter: guitar & vocals
pascal grünenfelder: double bass & vocals
remy sträuli: drums, percussion & vocals

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted
arranged by pascal grünenfelder & fidoplayszappa

  1. don't eat the yellow snow
  2. nanook rubs it
  3. st. alfonzo's pancake breakfast
  4. father o'blivion
  5. catapostrophe  (fidoplayszappa)
  6. black napkins
  7. camarillo brillo
  8. sofa no.2
  9. dupree's paradise
  10. let's make the water turn black
  11. montana
  12. colonia 4711  (fidoplayszappa)
  13. eat that question
  14. more trouble every day
  15. basle III  (fidoplayszappa)
  16. what's new in baltimore
  17. musician's salary  (fidoplayszappa)