ken field's revolutionary snake ensemble

The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble is led by alto sax player Ken Field. It's a costumed, experimental funk/street beat / improvisational brass band, performing both original and traditional music.

The band got formed in 1990 and has quite a reputation performing at festivals, parades, fairs, etceteras (they have even done concerts during train rides).
The RSE has also released two albums: "Year Of The Snake" in 2003, and "Forked Tongue" in 2008.

"Year Of The Snake" includes their version of Sun Ra's ''A Call For All Demons'. 

The Ensemble can also be heard on "Parade of Numbers", an animated counting piece regularly aired on the television program Sesame Street.



ken field's revolutionary snake ensemble: year of the snake
    (2003, cd, usa, innova recordings innova 599) - incl. 'a call for all demons' (sun ra)

revsnake_yearofthesnake.jpg (41988 bytes)

  revolutionary snake ensemble: forked tongue
    (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform)






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