finnegans wake

the bird and the sky above

2010 cd switzerland fazzul music fm 0828

recorded at megafone studios, natal, brazil between may and september 2009. bass sax recorded at ton-art digitalstudio, basel, switzerland in july 2009

  alexandre johnson: flute, g-flute
  henry krutzen: tenor saxophone, percussion & piano
  marcilio onofre: piano
  markus stauss: bass saxophone
  dudú campos & sami tarik: percussion
  darlan marley: drums
  antônio de pádua: trumpet, slide trumpet

all music composed and arranged by henry krutzen amd marcillo onofre 

  1. part 1: still dreaming   (5:42)

  2. part 2: first flight   (9:31)

  3. part 3: walking on the ground   (2:18)

  4. part 4: stealing on the picnic table   (7:43)

  5. part 5: dark clouds   (13:17)

  6. part 6: infinite background   (5:52)