the rite of spring

2003 cd usa fw002

julie averill: flute
brian coughlin: basses
oren fader: guitar
james johnston: keyboards
julian molitz: percussion
nicole sharlow: violin
leigh stuart: cello
simon underhill: clarinets

the rite of spring, scenes of pagan russia in two parts
(igor stravinsky)

arranged by brian coughlin and dean lentz

part I: the adoration of the earth

  1. introduction
  2. the augurs of spring (dances of the young girls)
  3. game of abduction
  4. spring rounds
  5. games of the rival tribes
  6. procession of the wise elder
  7. kiss of the earth
  8. dance of the earth

part II: the sacrifice

  1. introduction
  2. mystic circles of the young girls
  3. glorification of the chosen one
  4. summoning of the ancestors
  5. ritual of the ancestors
  6. sacrificial dance