flo & eddie

illegal, immoral and fattening  /  moving targets
    - feat.underwood, dunbar, incl.'eddie are you kiddin' (f.zappa)

2007 cd uk arcadia acam 8157

A reissue of two albums.

eddie (howard kaylan): lead vocals
flo (mark volman): vocals, guitar
phil reed: lead guitar
andy cahan: keyboards
erik scott: bass
craig krampf: drums
danny kootch: drums
leland sklar: bass
ian underwood: keyboards, saxophone on "moving targets"
aynsley dunbar: drums
donnie dacus: slide guitar on 'hot'
jeff baxter: slide guitar on 'hot'
graeme "shirley" strachan: chorus vocals on 'guns'
alan mac millan: strings & horns on moving targets

"illegal, immoral & fattening"

recorded by haji mobile facility at the roxy theatre and crossroads of the world, hollywood, usa, except 'let me make love to you' recorded at cherokee studios

engineered by alex kazanegras, dee robb
arranged and conducted by nick decaro
mixing engineer: tom perry - hollywood sound
disc mastering: doug sax - mastering lab
produced by joe wissert

moving targets:

recorded at the record plant, sausalito and los angeles
recorded and mixed by ron nevison, assisted by rick smith, eric schilling and cathy callon
mastered at mastering lab by mike reese
produced by ron nevison, skip taylor, mark volman, howard kaylan

"illegal, immoral & fattening"

  1. illegal, immoral & fattening (kaylan,volman)

  2. rebecca (hammond, hazlewood)

  3. kama sutra time (kaylan, volman, pons)

  4. the sanzini brothers return (kaylan, volman, underwood)

  5. livin' in the jungle (kaylan,volman)

  6. cheap (kaylan,volman)

  7. the kung fu killer (kaylan,volman)

  8. eddie, are you kidding? (volman, kaylan, zappa, seiter)

  9. the pop star massage unit (kaylan, volman)

  10. let me make love to you

  11. there's no business like show business (irving berlin)

"moving targets"

  1. mama, open up (volman, kaylan)

  2. the love you gave away (volman, kaylan)

  3. hot (volman, kaylan)

  4. best friends (volman, kaylan)

  5. best possible me (volman, kaylan)

  6. keep it warm (volman, kaylan)

  7. guns (pons, volman, kaylan)

  8. elenore (kaylan, the turtles)

  9. sway when you walk (volman, kaylan)

  10. moving targets (volman, kaylan)