flo & eddie

the phlorescent leech and eddie  /  flo & eddie
    - feat.don preston, jim pons, aynsley dunbar

2008 2cd ?? floedco / manifesto mfo 48001

A reissue of the two first flo & eddie albums.

"the phlorescent leech & eddie"

1972 studio recording

  the phlorescent leech (mark volman): guitar, vocals
  eddie (howard kaylan): guitar, vocals
  gary rowles: guitar
  don preston: keyboards
  jim pons: bass, mandolin
  aynsley dunbar: drums
guests :
  claude williams: trumpet
   lynn blessing: vibes
  moe lakai & the island singers

produced by mark volman and howard kaylan

  1. flo & eddie theme   (m.volman, h.kaylan)
  2. thoughts have turned   (m.volman, h.kaylan)
  3. it never happened   (m.volman)
  4. burn the house   (m.volman)
  5. lady blue   (h.kaylan)
  6. strange girl   (h.kaylan)
  7. who but i   (m.volman, h.kaylan)
  8. i been born again   (m.volman, h.kaylan)
  9. goodbye surprise   (g.bonner, a.gordon)
  10. nikki hoi   (m.volman, h.kaylan, j.simmons)
  11. really love   (m.volman)
  12. feel older now   (h.kaylan)
  13. there you sit lonely   (m.volman, h.kaylan)


"flo & eddie"

1973 studio recording

flo (mark volman): guitar, vocals
eddie (howard kaylan): vocals
gary rowles: guitar
john herron: keyboards
jim pons: bass
aynsley dunbar: drums

produced by bob ezrin

  1. if we only had the time   (m.volman, h.kaylan, j.seiter)

  2. days   (r.davies)

  3. you're a lady   (p.sarstedt)

  4. the original soundtrack from carlos and the bull   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  5. afterglow   (s.marriott, r.lane)

  6. best part of breaking up   (andreoli, poncia, spector)

  7. the sanzini bros.   (m.volman, h.kaylan, i.underwood)

  8. another pop star's life   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  9. just another town   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  10. marmendy mill   (m.volman, h.kaylan, b.ezrin, d.wagner, a.macmillan)