forever einstein

down with gravity  (4)

2000 cd usa cuneiform records  rune 136

1999 studio recording

c.w. vrtacek: guitar, sitar, tapes
jack vees: bass
john roulat: drums, percussion

produced by forever einstein and marty carlson

  1. maybe spending the rest of your life in a madhouse will teach you some manners   5'40   (c.w.vrtacek)
  2. my mule wouldn't walk in the mud so i had to put 17 bullets in her     5'46   (c.w.vrtacek)
  3. you want fries with that ?   4'57   (c.w.vrtacek)
  4. my wife's ex, husband's grandfather's bowler is now mine and i never wear it   7'03   (c.w.vrtacek)
  5. minimalism is not incompatible with density   2'49   (c.w.vrtacek)
  6. with a car like that you must be knee deep in whores   3'23   (c.w.vrtacek)
  7. tell the little man with the big head the bank is closed !   2'57   (j.roulat)
  8. a fruit pie salesman with a whoopee cushion living in witchita falls or wow ! if your fly weren't open you'd look just like roger moore  19'35   (c.w.vrtacek, j.vees)
  9. i'm going to cut the soles off my shoes, sit in a tree and learn to play the flute   6'15   (c.w.vrtacek)
  10. better to be early than lift your leg   8'09   (c.w.vrtacek)