forever einstein

one thing after another

1998 cd usa cuneiform records  rune 106

1997 studio recording

c.w. vrtacek: guitar
jack vees: bass
john roulat: drums, percussion

produced by forever einstein and marty carlson

  1. big sky mind   4'31   (c.w.vrtacek)
  2. the girl with the flame maple chest (and black walnut drawers)   3'45   (c.w.vrtacek)
  3. oh lord, please bless this rocket house and all those who live inside the rocket house   4'23   (c.w.vrtacek)
  4. curly, get the ladder !   5'09   (c.w.vrtacek)
  5. toy boat attacked by toy pirates on real water   5'44   (c.w.vrtacek)
  6. maniacs from the fourth dimension   4'18   (c.w.vrtacek)
  7. bad weather (changed our plans)   7'28   (c.w.vrtacek)
  8. on a bright, clear day in january, 1965, we went walking together 5'05   (c.w.vrtacek)
  9. stand back, you bloated museum of treachery !   5'33   (c.w.vrtacek)
  10. city of industry / garden of ruins   4'34   (c.w.vrtacek)
  11. the pancake song   4'48   (c.w.vrtacek)