forever einstein

racket science

2005 cd usa cuneiform records  rune 206

2004 studio recording

charles o'meara (c.w. vrtacek): guitar
kevin gerety: bass
john roulat: drums, percussion

produced by john roulat 

  1. how come the wrong people are always in charge ?   3'26   (c.w.vrtacek)
  2. you're living in a world of makeńbelieve with flowers and bells and leprechauns and magic frogs with funny little hats   3'55   (c.w.vrtacek)
  3. it's a good thing i don't have super brain powers or you'd be in a thousand little pieces right now   3'17   (c.w.vrtacek)
  4. they're portable, they're annoying and they cost three dollars a case   2'52   (c.w.vrtacek)
  5. i'm trying to contain an outbreak here and you're driving the monkey to the airport   4'26   (c.w.vrtacek)
  6. it's almost impossible to concentrate in this café with all these leggy belgian girls walking around in miniskirts   6'05   (c.w.vrtacek)
  7. god has a plan for me, and it involves puppetts   2'26   (c.w.vrtacek)
  8. i wish i had me some of them miracle smart pills   4'26   (c.w.vrtacek)
  9. i got my picture taken, i got forty dollars and i get to keep the underwear   7'04   (c.w.vrtacek)
  10. there's some milk in the fridge that's about to go bad ... and there it goes   8'06   (c.w.vrtacek)
  11. every word out of your mouth is like a turd falling in my drink   2'58   (c.w.vrtacek)
  12. he looks interesting - and by interesting i mean weird   1'36   (c.w.vrtacek)