the fourfathers

- incl. various don van vliet compositions

2003 cdr uk private release

tracks 1 - 6
recorded 2002/12/25 at the 'well house', e.sussex, uk
tracks 7-14
recorded 2003/04/08 at the 'resident studios', london, uk

dennis martian: vocals
fast paul table: guitar
benjamin horrendous: bass
vital will: saxophones
zark starfish: drums
gillina thrilling: vocals on 5

  1. i'm bugged (matthew lewis)

  2. gotta find a way (horrendous)

  3. impy mission (horrendous)

  4. muscated bleeds the palmist (horrendous)

  5. like an angel (horrendous, thrilling)

  6. the squirrel & the shrew (horrendous)

  7. i'm gonna booglarise ya baby (van vliet)

  8. hook airs (horrendous)

  9. one more kiss (horrendous)

  10. i'm bugged (horrendous)

  11. (bonus track)

  12. (bonus track)

  13. (bonus track) making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee (don van vliet)

  14. (bonus track) old sod sam sits in old joe's chair (horrendous, martian, starfish)