freak out

- incl.'son of genes' (frank zappa)

1971 lp austria cosmos 2235
2002 cd austria garden of delights cd 067

recorded april 24, 1971 at the klagenfurt concert hall, austria

released august 1, 1971

robert musenbichler: guitar, vocals
mike gärtner: bass
charlie dienes: drums
max weissenbäck: saxophone
peter musenbichler: guitar, vocals
ivan miholic: percussion

  1. evil ways (santana)
  2. see my way (abrahams)
  3. sing me a song that i know (abrahams)
  4. leaping beauties for rudy (east of eden)
  5. jamming brother (freak out)
  6. son of mr. green genes (frank zappa)
  7. fresh garbage (ferguson)
  8. everybody needs somebody to love (jagger, richards)
  9. ramadhan part III (east of eden)

    cd bonus tracks:
  10. jaming brother (freak out)
  11. crazy colours of life (freak out)