frogg cafe

bateless edge

2010 cd usa 10t records 10t10043

recorded between december 2008 and march 2010

bill ayasse: violin, viola, mandolin, percussion, vocals
frank camiola: electric guitar, banjo, string bass
james guarnieri: drums, glockenspiel, orchestral percussion
john lieto: lead vocals, piano, keyboards, trumpet, flugelhorn
andrew sussman: electric bass, cello, acoustic guitar

produced by bill ayasse and frogg café

  1. terra sancta
  2. move over i'm driving
  3. pata fazeuhl
  4. under wuhu son : in the bright light
  5. under wuhu son : left for dead
  6. under wuhu son : brace against the fall
  7. from the fence
  8. belgian boogie board