frogg cafe


2003 cd usa private release

  nick lieto: vocals, keyboard, mellotron, organ, piano, trumpet, percussion
  frank camiola: guitars, banjo, bass, keyboards, percussion
  bill ayasse: violin, viola, mandolin, background vocals, percussion
  andrew sussman: electric bass
  james guarnieri: drums, percussion
  sharon ayasse: flute 3,4,5
  steve campanella: marimba 2,4,5
  christopher tunney: clarinet 3,4
  dee harris: sarod 3
  tim roache: percussion, voices 3
  marjorie ayasse: background vocals 2, voices 1,3
  dr.mac and broher bam: voices 1,3

  1. all this time (lieto)
  2. creatures (lieto)
  3. the celestial metal can (ayasse, camiola)
  4. gagutz (lieto)
  5. waterfall carnival (camiola)