frogg cafe

fortunate observer of time

2005 cd usa progrock records

  bill ayasse: el. and acoustic violins, vocals, mandolin, percussion
  steve uh: electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, violin
  nick lieto: lead vocals, keyboards, piano, trumpet, flugelhorn
  andrew sussman: electric bass, cello, vocals
  james guarnieri: drums, percussion
  john lieto: trombone 2,4,6,7
  steve campanella: marimba 1,3,4,6
  ed mann: marimba, vibes, percussion 7
  izzy mergen: congas 4,6,7
  sharon ayasse: flute 8
  marjorie ayasse: vocals 3
  tim roache: 'shhh' 2

produced by bill ayasse

  1. eternal optimist
  2. fortunate observer of time
  3. reluctant observer
  4. no regrets
  5. resign
  6. you're still sleeping
  7. abyss of dissension
  8. release