frogg cafe

the safenzee diaries

2007 2cd usa 10t records

recorded at captain cabesa studios on 2002/06/26

  bill ayasse: violin, vocals
  james guarnieri: drums
  john lieto: trombone
  nick lieto: trumpet, flugelhorn, keybaoards, vocals
  andrew sussman: bass, vocals
  steve uh: guitar, keyboards, violin, vocals

all arrangements by frogg café

 engineered, mixed, and produced by bill ayasse

disc one

  1. leave of absinthe  (a.sussman)
  2. space dust  (m.ayasse)
  3. gagutz  (n.lieto)
  4. candy korn  (b.ayasse)
  5. il gioco  (n.lieto)
  6. creatures  (n.lieto)
  7. you're still sleeping  (n.lieto)

disc two

  1. small chuwawa  (s.uh, r.rizzuti)
  2. fat guys in shorts  (frogg café)
  3. abyss of dissension  (a.sussman)
  4. tagliarini  (frogg café)
  5. the gold ambler  (frogg café)
  6. asleep on the rim  (frogg café)
  7. cut and run  (frogg café)