free salamander exhibit


2016 cd usa web of mimicry wom051

recorded between fall 2014 and fall 2016

   michel mellender: guitar, percussion-guitar, tangularium, trumpet, baritone horn, vocal
  drew wheeler: guitar (howling and stuttering), theremin, glockenspiel, vocal
  david shamrock: drums, glockenspiel
  nils frykdahl: guitars 6 & 12-string, flute, vocal
  dan rathbun: bass, sledgehammer dulcimer, vocal
  dawn mccarthy: guest vocal  7

produced by fse

  1. unreliable narrator
  2. the keep
  3. the gift
  4. time master
  5. undestroyed
  6. atheist's potluck
  7. oxen of the sun