the future primitives

songs we taught ourselves
    - incl. 'zig zag wanderer' (don van vliet)

2013 download -- bandcamp



  1. 1-2-5  (the haunted)
  2. israeli blues  (index)
  3. do the ostrich  (the primitives)
  4. scream  (the chancellors)
  5. everybody up  (fender IV)
  6. tell me where's that girl  (the milkshakes)
  7. zig zag wanderer  (captain beefheart)
  8. rumble  (link wray)
  9. we sell soul  (the spades)
  10. she's mine  (children of darkness)
  11. love at psychedelic velocity  (the human expression)
  12. the fly  (the mummies)
  13. have you been to mars  (bo-weevils)