drumbo  (john french)

city of refuge
- feat.bill harkleroad, mark boston, greg davidson & john thomas

2008 cd uk proper records prpcd024


john french (aka drumbo): lead vocal, harmonica, sax, drums, backup vocals (5,7,11)
bill harkleroad (aka zoot horn rollo): left channel guitar
   guitar solos: tracks 1,4,5,6,9,10,11
greg davidson (aka ella guru): right channel guitar, backup vocals (5,11)
   guitar solos: tracks 2,3,8,11(pre-solo)
mark boston (aka rockette morton): bass (7)
john thomas: keyboard, bass (all tracks, except 7)

produced by john french

words and music by john french

  1. bogeyman

  2. bus ticket outta town

  3. blood on a porcupine quill

  4. city of refuge

  5. abandon

  6. get so mean

  7. maybe that'll teach ya

  8. to the loft of ravenscroft

  9. the shirt off my back

  10. wicked witch of war

  11. whose side ya on

  12. the withered hand of time