rachel flowers

Rachel Flowers recorded a couple of Frank Zappa compositions. They can be seen on YouTube.
She performed with Dweezil Zappa during one of Dweezil's "Zappa Plays Zappa" concerts.


  rachel flowers: listen
    (2016, cd, usa, private release)
rachel_flowers_listen.jpg (22440 bytes)
  documentary: hearing is believing
    (2017, dvd, usa, private release) = a documentary about rachel flowers, feat. dweezil zappa
rachel_flowers_hearingdvd.jpg (36476 bytes)
  soundtrack: hearing is believing
    (2017, cd, usa, private release) = the soundtrack of the documentary about rachel flowers, feat. dweezil zappa, incl. rachel flowers plus zappa plays zappa: 'montana' (frank zappa)
rachel_flowers_hearingsoundtrack_cd.jpg (32777 bytes)



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