steve fowler

    - feat.walt and bruce fowler

1987 lp usa eclipse music ecl 7432

1987 studio recording

  steve fowler: flute, alto sax
  walt fowler: trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards
  bruce fowler: trombone
  mike o'neill: guitar
  ed fowler: bass
  alex acuna: drums, percussion
guests :
  marvin fowler: vocals

produced by steve fowler and walt fowler 

side 1 

  1. the pygmy forest   (s.fowler, e.fowler)

  2. colors for marvin   (s.fowler)

  3. for h.h. he is abnormal   (s.fowler)

  4. the gentlemen of leisure  (s.fowler)

side 2

  1. the wayside   (s.fowler, e.fowler)

  2. they hang out   (s.fowler)

  3. bikini paralysis   (s.fowler)

  4. drowning in the air   (s.fowler)