steve fowler

the last blue sky
    - feat.walt and bruce fowler

1992 cd usa fossil records  fbr 1003

1991 studio recording

  steve fowler: flute, alto sax
  walt fowler: trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards
  bruce fowler: trombone
  albert wing: tenor sax
  ed fowler: bass, keyboards
  chester thompson: drums, percussion
  alex acuna: percussion
  mike miller: guitar
  george souza: guitar
  kevin chokan: guitar
  mike o'neill: guitar
  ramon estagnaro: guitar
  tom fowler: bass
  ed mann: percussion
  chris trujillo: percussion
  russ henry: percussion

 produced bysteve fowler

  1. prisoner of dreams   (s.fowler)

  2. the last blue sky   (s.fowler)

  3. sneaky   (s.fowler)

  4. in the drums   (e.fowler)

  5. a trip with bill   (s.fowler, e.fowler, b.fowler)

  6. reunion at phil's   (s.fowler)

  7. klaop      (g.souza)

  8. may i see your cotangent bundle, please ?   (b.fowler)

  9. misgivings   (s.fowler)