the gel caps

take two (and call us in the morning)
    - incl. 'later that night' (frank zappa)

2000 cd usa private release


  1. never let you go (haken-tompkins-voets-mathis)

  2. everyone's laughing (c. carter)

  3. what's your name (claude johnson)

  4. don't that prove i love you (charm)

  5. morse code of love (n. santamaria)

  6. my girl (robinson/white)

  7. sure as the flowers (hi-tones)

  8. when i woke up this morning (smarr-ivey-johnson-robinson)

  9. walking my baby back home (turk/ahert)

  10. louie louie (r. berry)

  11. under the boardwalk (resnick-young)

  12. let it be (lennon/mccartney)

  13. zombie jamboree (conrad eugene mauge, jr.)

  14. later that night (f. zappa)
  15. 1000 miles away (sheppard-miller)