crass palace

2013 cd france send the wood music


gaby vegh: bass guitar, vocals
christophe godin: guitars, vocals
julien 'peter puke' rousset: drums, percussion, vocals

produced by lôrand couvert and apocalypse gnô prod

  1. fate is my name
  2. momentum
  3. the scavenger
  4. modern day jesus
  5. the doll
  6. all life has left
  7. don't waste your time
  8. toy boy no more
  9. punishyourself
  10. abracadavra
  11. tooth and nail
  12. fly free (bloodictators)

    bonus tracks
  13. eleanor rigby  (in pantles style demo 2000)
  14. damn cool (original version rough fonky mix 2000)