family jewels
    – incl. pierre moerlen: ‘little house i used to live in’ (frank zappa)

1998 2cd uk gas records agascd008


  1. pip pyle: seven year itch
  2. pierre moerlen's gong: second wind live
  3. gilli smyth: cyberwhale
  4. daevid allen: so what?
  5. pierre moerlen: little house i used to live in  (frank zappa)
  6. gong: radio gnome transmission
  7. gong: master builder - guitar solo
  8. daevid allen: farewell flagship
  9. pierre moerlen's gong: say no more
  10. gong: master builder - sax solo
  11. gong: can't kill me - jam
  12. gong: you are i and i
  13. didier malherbe: hadouk
  14. glo: let's glo
  15. gongmaison: blame the rich
  16. glo: back to the sea
  17. didier malherbe: zeff dance
  18. smyth, allen, williamson: stroking the tail of the bird
  19. mike howlett: mountains of venus
  20. glo: deia
  21. didier malherbe: blues de l'horizon
  22. daevid allen: voice of om