gov't mule

Gov't mule (with frontman Warren Haynes) has played Frank Zappa's 'Pygmy Twylyte' on various occasions, including new years eve 1998.  This version was released on a collector's edition 4 cd box set.
A couple of months after that, a part of this box was rereleased in europe on single discs. 'Pygmy Twylyte' can be found on the second volume.

From 2012 on, the band included 'Trouble Every Day' in the setlist from time to time.


  gov't mule: gov't mule
    (1995, cd, usa, relativity recordings) - incl. 'left coast groovies (for fz)', a frank zappa tribute
govtmule_st_cd.jpg (28645 bytes)
  gov't mule: live...with a little help from our friends
    (1999, 4cd, usa, capricorn records 314 546 694-2) – incl. ‘pygmy twylyte’ (frank zappa)
  gov't mule: live...with a little help from our friends - volume 2
    (1999, cd, uk, evangeline records gel 4036) – incl. ‘pygmy twylyte’ (frank zappa)
  gov't mule: mulennium
   (2010, 3cd, usa, provogue pro 7326 2)
govtmule_mulennium.jpg (19381 bytes)
  gov't mule: the georgia bootleg box
    (2011, 6cd, usa, evil teen) - incl. 'pygmy twylyte' (frank zappa) // incl. 'left coast groovies (for fz)', a frank zappa tribute
govtmule_georgiabootlegbox.jpg (27562 bytes)
  the allman brothers band: family 2012
    (2012, 4dvd, europe, wonderland records wlr-2180) - incl. gov't mule: 'trouble every day' (f.zappa)

allmanbrothers_family2012.jpg (54319 bytes)

  gov't mule: cotton club
    (2013, dvd-bootleg, ??, pignon-158) - incl. 'pygmy twylyte' (frank zappa)
govtmule_cottonclubdvd.jpg (59155 bytes)
  gov't mule: mountain jam
    (2013, dvd-bootleg, ??, pignon-164) - incl. 'trouble every day' (frank zappa)
govtmule_dvd_mountainjam.jpg (70975 bytes)
  gov't mule: island exodus
    (2013, dvd-bootleg, ??, pignon-209) - incl. 'trouble every day' (frank zappa)
govtmule_exodus_dvd.jpg (64295 bytes)
  gov't mule: shout!
    (2014, 2cd, eu, provogue prd 7406 5)
  gov't mule: dark side of the mule
    (2014, 3cd + dvd, eu, provogue prd 7446 5)
  gov't mule featuring john scofield: sco-mule
    (2015, 2cd, eu, provogue prd 7449 2)
govtmule_scomule.jpg (29092 bytes)
  gov't mule: revolution come... revolution go
    (2017, 2cd, usa, fantasy fan00143)
govtmule_revolution2cd.jpg (24902 bytes)



concerts (in which the band has performed 'pygmy twylyte')

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