the grande mothers of invention

happy mothers day
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2012 cd switzerland private release

recorded on 2012/05/29 at the 'Bullentempel' in Rendsburg, Germany

napoleon murphy brock: sax, flute & vocals
don preston
: keyboards, vocals
tom fowler: bass
robbie 'seahag' mangano: guitar, vocals 
chris garcia: drums, vocals

produced by ralph kessler

  1. big swifty

  2. evelyn the dog

  3. big swifty

  4. echidna's arf

  5. don't you ever wash that thing

  6. holiday in berlin

  7. aybe sea

  8. the little house i used to live in

  9. merry christmas baby

  10. i've got news for you

  11. pygmy twylyte

  12. dummy up

  13. the message

  14. oh no

  15. son of orange county

  16. more trouble every day