flies all green and buzzin'
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2012 cd ger gscd 2012

recorded live on 2012/02/17 in rüdesheim and on 2012/06/16 in aschaffenburg, germany

maximilian hilbrand: lead vocals, percussion
daniel guggenheim: sax, keyboards
jörg 'doc' heuser: guitar, vocals
thomas schmittinger: guitar, vocals
andi mertens: bass, vocals
christian majdecki: drums

produced by the grandsheiks

  1. dirty love

  2. stinkfoot

  3. i'm the slime

  4. florentine pogen

  5. outside now

  6. trouble every day

  7. bamboozled by love

  8. pojama people

  9. the torture never stops