the grandsheiks

    - all compositions by frank zappa / feat. napoleon murphy brock

2016 dvd ger private release

recorded live on october 31, 2015 at m8 mainz

  daniel guggenheim: sax, keyboards
  jörg 'doc' heuser: guitar, vocals
  maximilian hilbrand: lead vocals
  christian majdecki: drums
  andi mertens: bass, vocals
  werner neumann: guitar, vocals
special guest
  napoleon murphy brock: lead vocals, tenor sax,flute
the horny hornz
  ralf fronhöfer: baritone sax
  heiko hubmann: trumpet
  stephan schlett: trombone
  nils wallstädt: trumpet

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. let's move to cleveland
  2. broken hearts are for assholes
  3. joe's garage
  4. i'm the slime
  5. stinkfoot
  6. florentine pogen
  7. son of orange county
  8. echidna's arf (of you)
  9. don't you ever wash that thing
  10. advance romance
  11. andy
  12. mr. green genes
  13. penguin in bondage
  14. pygmy twylyte
  15. dummy up  (frank zappa, napoleon murphy brock)
  16. inca roads
  17. the torture never stops
  18. muffin man