a.l. guillèn

"A.L. Guillèn (Sefronia, Les Rauchen Verboten, etc, etc) is considered one of the most skilled, personal and daring Spanish composers and guitar players. With Der Cucamongol cannibalizes your idol (a joyful digestion of Frank Zappa) he has actually delivered not only a very personal view on the Zappa legacy but also a most original work as all tracks, although vaguely based in Zappa tracks, have an identity of their own. We could call it easy-noise music packed with sounds that add further twists to the already complex original FZ material. A true masterwork of Spanish avant-garde contemporary music."


  a.l.guillèn: der cucamongol cannibalizes your idol - unmatched vol.14
    (2013, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-080-cd) - frank zappa tribute

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  various artists: hall of fame records - the albums of 2012-2013
    (2020, digital download, spain, hall of fame records) - free digital sampler / incl. a.l. guillèn: 'cheepniss' (= cheepnis (frank zappa)) , marieta y los jetas: 'no no no' (frank zappa)



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