jacopo giusti

play only what i love
    - incl. zappa compositions

2011 cd italy discolaser

recorded at stonefree studio in livorno, between july 2010 - july 2011.

jacopo giusti: drums, keyboards, voice & assorted percussions
sergio brunetti:
keyboards & mini-moog
paolo falanga: contralto, tenor & soprano sax
carmen martinez:
acoustic guitar & vocals
nicol franza:
guitar & keyboards
simone coloretti:
massimiliano fantolini:
valentina ciardelli:
andrea iacoponi: voice
marco masoni:
alfonso capasso:
rolando calabro:

produced by nicol franza for discolaser

  1. the melody on drums (phase I)  (jacopo giusti)

  2. the melody on drums (phase II)  (jacopo giusti)

  3. double exforce  (jacopo giusti)

  4. serious music for drums & low budget percussions  (jacopo giusti)

  5. from the beginning / the old castle  (greg lake / igor mussorgsky, keith emerson)

  6. anthropometry one  (jacopo giusti)

  7. indiscipline  (king crimson)

  8. gretagata's dance  (jacopo giusti)

  9. lobster girl  (frank zappa)

  10. them or us  (frank zappa)

  11. the drum also waltes  (max roach)